bossesonlyla is a design company founded on the idea of helping you face your entrepreneurial fears like a boss. I specialize in strategically designing attractive visuals + brand identities for

small businesses in los angeles.


"when you catch a glimpse of your full potential

that's when passion is born."



my name is Gabby but i'd like to be known as " The branding boss' i'm a dope ass artist from inglewood, ca. i specialize in anything from illustrations, paintings, to graphic design.  i started out with a clothing line of my own, and after 2 years of putting in hard work and losing lots of  money in inventory, guess what? I failed. i figured out where i went wrong, and found myself enjoying the process of creating the brand rather than making sales. in 2016 i decided not to let my talent go to waste, and i  became a designer for other small businesses. now, i'm here to help make sure you have the best branding experience possible, without making the same mistakes with your brand that i did.


The Owner


Shadow on Concrete Wall

What I Do...

During my design process we will work on a strategy to move your brand into expansion, the aesthetic we want to match, as well as the overall experience we want for the customer.

brand strategy

The Blueprint

The playbook of your brand to meet your goals and become successful.


The mission or Message or vision you have for your brand.


defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey.


The reason/purpose for why your brand was created.

brand identity

The Aesthetic



the face of your brand. visual representation of your professionalism.


Logo design creates strong visual appeal. its the most important element of brand recognition to attract interest and attention of your target audience.


visual elements of your brand. your website and stationary/packaging design is crucial to leaving a lasting impression on a client.

The brand

The Reputation

feedback what your customers feel when they think about your brand, the complete experience.


the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates your product from other products. 


the act of a  telling another friend how much they love your product and/or brand.

The quality of your marketing, and the ability to turn a lead into a sale.