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3 Elements of Branding

The playbook of your brand to meet your goals and become successful.


The mission or Message or vision you have for your brand.


defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey.


The reason/purpose for why your brand was created.

the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates your product from others.


brand strategy

The Blueprint



the face of your brand. visual representation of your professionalism.


Logo design creates strong visual appeal. its the most important element of brand recognition to attract interest and attention of your target audience.


visual elements of your brand. your website and stationary/packaging design is crucial to leaving a lasting impression on a client.


brand indentity

The Aesthetic

listening and adjusting to feedback your customers feel when they think about your brand,

the complete experience.


making sure the quality of your product meets the expectation of your audience


highlighting the the things about your brand that your audience values most.

The quality of your marketing, and the ability to turn a lead into a sale.


The brand

The Reputation


Let me help you get through
the obstacles of building
your brand.

you may imagine starting a brand is as simple as thinking of a name and logo, but it's actually a lot more complex, There are 3 elements every strong strand needs. these 3 things tied together create brand awareness for your audience.

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Because I've been there, and I get it.

LA living is overwhelming, and to top it with the cost of starting a business can be a deterrent. I’m offering LA based brands the opportunity to work with an experienced Designer to give you the cheat codes to avoid costly mistakes, create a Solid strategy and produce Top Tier visuals.

BossesOnlyLA’s purpose is to help Align your Brand and Business Goals, visually communicate your brand strategy, and Create Brand Identity.




Your job as the owner is to define why your brand exists, what your brand aims to achieve, and how your brand will make an emotional connection to create a loyal customer.


The Design Brief is your chance to give me as much information about your vision and style as you can to make sure I understand where you are and what you need. during the design process, The brief will be used as a reference, to make sure we stay consistent when  we begin constructing.



"the goals you set and strategies you choose
becomes your blueprint"

-Charles Givens


We are going to begin with the Design Brief. please make sure that you are as detailed as possible, this will be my point of reference to help keep me on track with your vision.



Following the Design Brief we will Begin sourcing images to create a mood board for your brand. A mood board is a type of visual presentation or 'collage' consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. This helps to give a first impression of what to expect of your brand.



Using the moodboard that we created with your brand in mind, I will begin to draft logo concepts for you to choose from. You will choose your main logo, 2 alternatives logos to use when it's time to switch it up (they keep the brand identity fresh and cohesive, they also give you options and variety with your design elements.), and a submark (a less detailed version of your primary logo that can be used as a secondary mark similar to a watermark.)



Once you've made your selections from the logo concepts, we will summarize your entire brand on one document called your "Brand Guideline". When companies take the time to create brand guidelines, it helps to ensure that their branding stays consistent no matter where it's being used.



now that we know what the brand looks like we can begin putting it into action and figuring out where to use all your new branding materials. which logos work best on certain layouts, and where to use your custom brand patterns or icons.



In this step we begin to draft mockups for Brand collateral like stationary, business cards, brand packaging, or we’ll be creating the layout for your website.


now that you know how this goes

ready when you are

BossesOnlyLA is dedicated to providing high quality services to support LA entrprenueurs Take a look below to find out what our process, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.


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