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BossesOnlyLA™️ is a Visual Design company created to promote entrepreneurship in LA by equipping our business owners with  professional branding that reflects their vision with confidence and a strategic foundation.  


Our primary goal is to encourage our community to boss up mentally and creatively by building businesses that’s for us by us. when a owner comes to us its because they're ready to take their business to the next level and need help navigating. We want to Shed light on the idea of being your own boss, excepting the challenges that come with it, and pass the knowledge down to the next generation.


BossesOnlyLA™️ is about celebrating LA natives and their accomplishments. We believe there’s room at the top for us all if we focus more on building each other up and learning from one another’s mistakes. As we all know living in LA isn’t easy, so hard work and dedication deserves to be celebrated in all phases, whether it’s just the beginning or it’s time to level up, a Win for one of us should motivate all of us. 

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